Life Verses

My life verse is Psalm 73:25.

“Whom do I have in heaven but you and I desire no one on earth as much as you.”  Although I knew it was a word from God for me, I struggled again st it.  If I preferred God above all others, would there be no help mate in my life?  After  several unfulfilled relationships, I finally cried out to God, “Why doesn’t anything work out?”  It was then I heard His voice say, “…I don’t have that for you.”   With that word came a lasting peace.  All at once, I could accept His plan for my life.

Years later, I was diagnosed with a “degenerative mitral valve.”  I left the hospital with the directions to wait and see what my heart could withstand.  Once again, I cried out to God.  “What do You want me to trust You to do?”
Instinctively, I turned to Psalm 73:25 and my eyes fell on verse 26.  “My heart and my flesh may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”  I’m sure I had read it before but this time it was a special word for me. Whenever there was an episode of my heart racing and wildly beating, I would quote that verse, “…You are the strength of my heart.”  Although the mitral valve had to eventually be replaced, God used that verse to strengthen my faith and carry me through the whole ordeal.
Isn’t God’s personal touch in our lives overwhelming?  Amazing undeserved grace!

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