About Us

The Experience

Believe, Belong & Be Loved.

At Eastwood Tulsa, we believe church is the perfect place for those three powerful things. We come together to be reminded of the incredible truths of God’s Word, which we believe wholeheartedly.
In classes, ministries, outreaches, and small groups, we build close, transformative relationships that give us a strong sense of belonging to God and to the body of Christ. And in corporate worship, we experience God’s amazing presence, hear Him speak to our hearts, and are constantly reminded of how deeply, powerfully, and unconditionally loved we are.


The Great Commission

We are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission and thereby focus our attention on evangelizing the lost, discipling the believer, and caring for our church family.

We believe the Church is to be God’s outstretched hand to the world, carrying the Gospel of salvation to those who don’t know Jesus. We also believe it’s the church’s responsibility to teach, train, nurture, and equip believers with the fundamental elements of Bible truth so that believers can grow in their walk with God and reflect Christ in their daily lives. Finally, we also esteem the local church body and are dedicated to caring for both the spiritual and natural needs of our Eastwood Baptist Church family and local community. We also appreciate the financial support and donations that our church has received over the past 50 years.


Revelation 5:9

We enjoy seeing individuals from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and actively participate in God’s Kingdom locally and internationally.

Because we tend to congregate with people who are “like us,” most churches do not reflect the diversity portrayed in Revelation 5:9. However, God’s desire and heart for a local church is much different. He is passionate for the whole world, not just one particular group of people.
The four words in Revelation 5:9—tribetonguepeople, and nation—include every individual no matter where they were born or what language they speak. Our world is a unique composition of diverse ethnic groups, backgrounds, cultures, races, and ages. And God says that one day His kingdom will be composed of all kinds of people from every imaginable group all across the world.


Est. 1956

Eastwood’s story begins over 60 years ago with a small group of Baptist believers in Tulsa who sensed that God was calling them together to impact our city and the nations for Him. They began meeting for prayer, sharing their faith with others, and by the time the church officially opened on June 24, 1956, had grown to over 200 people.

From the beginning, the vision was to see the lives of people in Tulsa and around the world transformed by the love of God and the power of the Gospel. That vision has had a deep impact on thousands of people over the years, and for decades, Eastwood was one of the largest and fastest growing churches in Oklahoma.
Our ministry has continued to evolve, but our vision and passion have remained the same, and God continues to move powerfully through the lives of our people today and impact our city and our world. (Link to testimonial videos)