EKids Children's Ministry

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We exist to walk alongside parents and families as they disciple their children. We present the gospel weekly through intentional times of prayer, Bible study, worship, and community. We want to assist and resource families to give children a deep knowledge of the truths of God that lead to a true relationship with Jesus.



Bed Babies-Crawlers and Walkers through 2’s will be cared for and prayed for each week.

They will participate in age-appropriate Bible stories and activities.



Children ages 3-5 will hear Bible stories and learn Biblical truths in a way young child

understand. Each week includes fun, exciting activities, music, prayer time, and other hands-on learning activities.



Children, Kindergarten through 5th grade, learn Biblical truths through creative teaching, Bible stories, and hands-on learning to begin building a foundation for faith. We want every child to hear, know, and do God’s Word by learning to apply it to their lives.


While parents attend “big church” on Sundays, kindergarten through 5th grade children experience God through dynamic Bible learning, fun activities, and engaging music and worship.

*Please note* So that teachers and children may attend corporate worship with their families, EKIDS WORSHIP will not meet on Family Worship Sundays.


Please check eastwoodtulsa.org for more activities and events. You can contact EKIDS Children’s Ministry office directly at 918-836-9768 or email [email protected].