Gordon Small

Senior Pastor

Pastor Gordon Small came to know Jesus in 1979 and it was a dark to light conversion. Eastwood is the Church where he was baptized and called to the ministry. Since then God has given Pastor Gordon a passion to know Him and make Him know to others. Pastor Gordon is driven by the unity and teamwork at our church. He enjoys teaching God’s Word and seeing others excited about Jesus and His Word.


Jeremy Rhodes

Worship Pastor

Jeremy is a passionate Christ-follower, coffee lover, runner, sports player, singer and musician, and the leader of “the Blondes” (my wife and kids are all blonde headed). Jeremy is driven by his Love for People, love for God, the tremendous people in the church and all the great people in our community.


Craig Spencer

Student Pastor

As a young 18 year old man, the Lord drew me to Himself, saved my life, and then gave me a new heart that was alive with His truth for all peoples. He called me to make disciples and to gain skill with my hands in the construction industry to be a blessing to my immediate community wherever He leads me in this world.


Lujean Howard

Children's Minister

Lujean grew up in Miami, Oklahoma. Her passion for music began at a young age with choirs, piano and voice lessons. Lujean continued her higher education as a voice major with piano as her secondary instrument and drama minor. Her degrees include a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts and a Masters in Church Music from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Millie Wofford

Pre-School Minister

Millie has worked at EBC for 8 years. Millie has two adult children and seven wonderful beautiful grandchildren all living out of state. Millie enjoys garden work, being in the church atmosphere and finds comfortable in being around people who share similar purpose.


Mella Naifeh

Financial Secretary

Mella has worked 20 years as School Bookkeeper and 5 1/2 yrs at church in finance. Mella and her husband Ellis have been married for 42 years. They joined EBC in June of 1973. Mella is driven by the overall desire of the staff to present Jesus by meeting the needs of people.


Steva Cotingham

Pastor's Secretary

I’ve worked at EBC for 9 yrs. in the office and 6 years for our school. I enjoy working and love my job. I also like to clean. I like to create things and I’m looking forward to trying stain glass and maybe some of the other arts that allow me to express me a bit of my creativity. I am looking forward to football season – have high hopes for our SOONERS!


Curtis Hanks


Curtis is a retired Tulsa Police Officer who is in charge of security at Eastwood. He has worked with the youth at Eastwood for many years and is the Camp Director at Faith Week.


Joe Scarlato


Phil Blount

Media Director

I’ve been around Eastwood for many years, beginning back in the nineties when I worked as an Audio Engineer, and one of my jobs was to run sound for Eastwood services and events. That led me to attending, singing in the choir, and occasionally filling in as a worship leader. Over the past 25 years, my wife, 3 kids and I have served in several churches, but no matter where we have served, we have always considered Eastwood as a part of our family! I’m thrilled to be serving as Media Director now, and am excited about what God is doing here!


Sheryl Hawkins

Receptionist & Accounting

Sheryl and her husband, Nick, joined EBC in the early ’90’s.  They have been married 46 years and have two children and four grandsons.  Sheryl is working part time, helping both in the finance office and at the receptionist desk.  She is thankful to be able to work at her home church with such a great staff.


Shirley Pittenger

Digital Communications and Social Media Director

Shirley was 17 when she answered God’s call to full time Christian service.  She met and married her husband in college and they have served faithfully in churches in Alabama, Muskogee, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma City and Tulsa for the past 24 years.  Shirley is married to Bob Pittenger who is the Community Groups Pastor at the Church at Battlecreek in the Tulsa Metro area. Shirley holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the Baptist College of Florida. She enjoys teaching in the youth group, singing, reading, studying God’s Word, and spending time with her family.