Thank You To Those Who Serve

The three women we see and read about at this time of year when we celebrate Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem are Mary, Elizabeth and Anna, the prophetess.   I want to recognize the women who work with our babies on any and all Sundays.  There are two women in the nursery every Sunday during the Sunday School hour, singing, playing music, rocking babies and changing diapers.
Lyn Spencer  has been in the baby nursery (6 weeks through 20 months) for many years.  She is a lways cheerful, smiling and ready to put one or two babies in her lap or get on the floor with them.
Paula Willoughby, who is Lyn’s friend, stepped in to help her in the nursery without being asked when another teacher became very ill.  She always arrives early, making name tags and preparing the room for the arrival of our babies.
There are many more women and men doing the same things during our church services throughout the month.
Please say “thank you” to these ladies and men when you see them in our church.

Sandy Daniels                                  Kim Estes                                   Sheryl Hawkins

Barbara Vansickle                            Eilene Cook                               Tabby Davis

Vicki Shannon                                  David Shannon                          Robin Phelps

Damon Phelps                                  Steva Cottingim

We appreciate their faithfulness and loyalty to the position they have volunteered to do once a month.


Enjoy your family this Christmas Season.


Merry Christmas


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