On the last Sunday of 2015 during the Sunday morning message I asked if anyone had a goal/resolution for the New Year. Several raised their hands. Someone shouted out that they were going to get rid of clutter. We all know what that means: cleaning out the closets, the garage, and the cabinets.
What about our lives and the things we spend our time doing? What about spiritual clutter? Our heart is like a garden. What are we planting? Are we really focused on the one thing that is most important? Jesus told Martha in Luke 10:38-42, that she was “worried and troubled about many things” but only one thing was needed from Jesus’ perspective. What was that one thing? It was what her sister Mary was doing: Sitting at Jesus feet and listening to His word! How about focusing on that as a priority for this New Year!
Are we really focused on the one thing that is most important?
If we take Jesus seriously and take an inventory of our ‘spiritual clutter’ we might find that we too are worried and troubled. If we take time every day (quality time) and spend it reading God’s Word and praying, every area of life will begin to be focused on God’s will from His perspective.
I hope you have taken the challenge to fast (at some level) and pray for the first twenty-one days of this New Year. God will meet with you in new and fresh ways. You will feel better in every area of your life if you make Jesus and His Word your one thing!
You will be hearing more about #one thing/focused living. I believe that is a Word from the Lord for our congregation for 2016!
Thankful in Jesus,

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