Our Ministries

The Bible instructs us to train, teach, nurture, and disciple others after they enter the Kingdom of God. In order to facilitate proper and healthy spiritual growth, we are committed to teaching foundational Bible truths in practical and age-appropriate ways. We have classes and ministry for all ages of the family, including children, youth, young adults, and seniors.

Eastwood Baptist Church in Tulsa Ministries

We provide child care through various ministries for infants and small children (birth to age 5) during our regular church services. Your baby will learn about God’s love in a gentle and safe environment at Eastwood.

Eastwood Baptist Church in Tulsa Ministries

Jesus loves kids and so do we! At Eastwood Baptist Church, we have a fun-filled children’s ministry designed specifically for elementary school children (1st-6th grade). During regular church services, your children will learn about God in an energetic, safe, and caring environment. This is just one of our many fun-filled children ministries.

Eastwood Baptist Church in Tulsa Ministries

Our teenager outreach ministries are great! So have your teen come join us Wednesday evenings, for a powerful time of ministry, fun, and friends. Learn more about God’s plan for you while developing new friends at Eastwood Baptist!

We are dedicated to creating a caring community among our senior citizens at Eastwood Baptist. If you’re 55 or over, we have a network of older adults who are committed to sharing life and faith with you!

Because we love to minister the world, we have a dynamic Hispanic outreach right here in Tulsa!

Hey kids, want to have a fun, adventurous summer? Then sign up for our kids summer camp! Each year, we set aside a special week for God, fun, and friends for kids grades 3-6.

At the core of the Great Commission is a directive to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. Because Jesus’ heart beats for the lost, ours does too. At Eastwood Baptist, we place a high priority on evangelism and reaching the lost.


Eastwood Baptist Church in Tulsa Ministries

This rich heritage has a legacy of missionaries on every inhabited continent of the global, ministers and pastors of some the most influential churches in American, and called men and women in the marketplace…all who were either saved or called by God at Faith Week. Sponsored by Eastwood Baptist Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma, our mission is simple…to reach and equip the next generation to live a life of faith and purpose in Jesus Christ.

Eastwood Baptist Church in Tulsa -

If you’re a young person between the ages of 19-35, we have a place for you at Eastwood Baptist! Come join our young adults ministry and learn Biblical truths that will help strengthen you in this very important season of life. We have an upcoming Sunday school class and lots of fun activities planned just for you. Make new friends, strengthen your foundation, and prepare for your destiny at Eastwood!