The History of Eastwood Baptist Church

Eastwood Baptist Church in Tulsa started as a small prayer group and officially opened its doors on June 24, 1956 with 224 charter members. From that point growth and building went hand-in-hand as Eastwood began reaching Tulsa and the world.

By 1972, the church called a young pastor, Tom Eliff, to lead them into the next season. With a hunger to see a move of God’s Spirit, Pastor Tom invited Manley Beasley to come and hold a revival in December of that year. During those meetings, each day Bro. Manley would ask Pastor Tom, “What do you want to see happen here at Eastwood?” At the end of the week Pastor Tom realized what he really wanted. He answered, “ I want to see Jesus. I want to experience the fullness of His life living in me. I want that personally and I want it for my church. Bro. Manley replied, “Son, I think revival has come.” Bro. Manley preached strong on faith that week. “Faith was not just believing that God can do something, but acting on the basis of what God has said.”

Revival did come. With a passion to see Jesus and experience His life, God used Eastwood Baptist Church in Tulsa to reach thousands. The church grew fast and started many new ministries, such as: Bus ministry (bring as many as 1,500 people to church every Sunday), TV Ministry, Singles Ministry, a Christian school K-12, and a yearly youth camp called Faith Week where God has called hundreds into ministry. Today there are missionaries all over the global that first heard God’s call at Faith Week.

God’s Spirit continued to move through Eastwood Baptist Church in Tulsa over the decades and continues today. With a strong understanding that faith is both believing God and acting on what He has said, the church is moving forward writing the next chapter of its history. The vision is simple:

  • Evangelize the Lost
  • Bring Believers to Spiritual Maturity
  • Care for Others

That’s why we say…Eastwood Baptist Church in Tulsa is a place to believe, belong, and be loved.

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Our Mission

At Eastwood Baptist Church, we are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission and thereby focus our attention on evangelizing the lost, discipling the believer, and caring for our church family. We believe the Church is to be God’s outstretched hand to the world, carrying the Gospel of salvation to those who don’t know Jesus. We also believe it’s the church’s responsibility to teach, train, nurture, and equip believers with the fundamental elements of Bible truth so that believers can grow in their walk with God and reflect Christ in their daily lives. Finally, we also esteem the local church body and are dedicated to caring for both the spiritual and natural needs of our Eastwood Baptist Church family and local community.

Eastwood Baptist Church Tulsa

Our Vision

“And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll, and to open its seals; for You were slain, and have redeemed us to God by Your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation.”  -Revelation 5:9

Our vision at Eastwood Baptist Church is to see individuals from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and actively participate in God’s Kingdom locally and internationally.

Because we tend to congregate with people who are “like us,” most churches do not reflect the diversity portrayed in Revelation 5:9. However, God’s desire and heart for a local church is much different. He is passionate for the whole world, not just one particular group of people.

The four words in Revelation 5:9—tribe, tongue, people, and nation—include every individual no matter where they were born or what language they speak. Our world is a unique composition of diverse ethnic groups, backgrounds, cultures, races, and ages. And God says that one day His kingdom will be composed of all kinds of people from every imaginable group all across the world.